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Lap of Time

This small speech of Carl Sagan, a great scientist of our times is so cruelly true. In the lap of time, across the immeasurable unit of it, the most powerful and the most insignificant … all have vanished equally. Then what prompts us to… Continue Reading “Lap of Time”

The Monkey King

Once upon a time, there was a lovely happy jungle located in the deepest forests of Gir… These were times when the civilisation hadn’t mushroomed wildly. The jungle had all inhabitants who lived in harmony and followed the rules and regulations of the nature. All were happy and life went on.

Leadership Buddy?

Who does a Leader share his/her vulnerabilities and fears with? Who can he/she call their own in their darkest hours… Who can just just hear their human woes and shortcomings??? Who? Or is a Leader sentenced to a life of loneliness and to remain imprisoned in their own minds?

The Lost Future

The flood of useless information & meaningless distractions seem to have arrested our ability to explore/remain the best forms of ourselves and instead clogged our potential to explore our real avenues of happiness.

Masking – Weapon of Mass Appeal

Why have we buried our unique individualities behind templated masks. Why is Masking a necessity in today’s environments…

Take a Chance on Doing What You Love…

Will You Ever dare taking a chance at doing what You love?

The Beast of Change

Taming the beast of change has never been easy for any living being. Those that did tame it, survived… those who didn’t … well normally never lived to tell the tale of their folly 🤓

Within The Margins of Errors

Within The Margins Of Errors templates the travesties of operating within the margins of errors dictated by those debilitating influences that can be erased with the nuancing the scope of possibilities 🤓

Serenity Prayer

Can we change what we want? What cannot be changed? And how do we ever get to know the difference?