Take a Chance on Doing What You Love…

Jim the legend took a chance…

Taking a chance in doing what you love v/s failing at what you don’t want, is a pin-sharp dilemma that has for ages pricked our conscience painfully.

Alas, the safety net of comfort zones have since times immemorial, stifled millions of dreams, killed incredible possibilities and abrogated plethora of opportunities.

From our sophomore years we are ‘educated’ and trained to aim for better paying safe jobs, that can give us a settled conformity, catering to limited blinkered utilisation of intrinsic capabilities. Not that I am waxing eloquence at the demerits of such a mindset.. which surely suits the meek (who incidentally won’t ever inherit the earth as famously prophesied) with a palate of risk aversion.. or the procrastinating indolent hibernating souls like the famous me 🤓

Yet fact remains that our educative curriculum and our socio-econo-political environs have resolutely refused on extolling our young minds to have an entrepreneurial mindset from a tender age.. cannibalising endless potential.

If we ever were to have a shot at our decisions again… would we, after all our life experiences, dare taking a chance at doing what we love?

2 Comments on “Take a Chance on Doing What You Love…

  1. Jim carrey an exemplary actor made a more deeper statement in today’s younger generation.


  2. Thalaiavar

    Time to take the first step towards this zone


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