The Lost Future

Once three professors of psychology were at a railway station awaiting their train & in the meantime were deeply engrossed in a generic conversation. They were so deep into proving each other’s points that they failed to notice the train arriving. When the train hooted and began moving, they realised the presence of the train. By the time they understood what was going on, there was commotion and they started running towards the train which had almost left the station. Two of them just about managed to hop on to the last bogey. The third one was left behind.
Now the third one left behind started crying in anguish… A porter passing by tried to comfort the professor. He asked the wailing Professor on the cause of his agony. The learned professor said that two of his fellow professors got on the moving train and he was left behind.

“It isn’t really that bad, sir,” said the porter. “At least two out of you three, caught the train. You must be happy for them. That’s quite good, you know.”

“I know,” the professor said. “But that’s the problem.. it was my train. They had only come to say goodbye and see me off” 😅

We live in very strange times and are totally addicted to meaningless distractions. With the chronic addiction to the screen, the curse of digital dementia seems to be getting too dangerously real. It’s just so easy to test this.. even on a holiday, try to isolate yourself from your phone, emails, WhatsApp, the pleasurable urge to look for the counts of likes in your innumerable social existences… chances are that we will fail miserably. These diversions and distractions have become our primary identity and have just about destroyed our creative potential. The flood of useless information & meaningless distractions seem to have arrested our ability to explore/remain the best forms of ourselves and instead clogged our potential to explore our real avenues of happiness. This epidemic problem is now becoming the biggest roadblock in our pursuit of achieving the excellence that each one of us is born with… the boon of easy availability of just about anything at a click or tap and the variety of meaningless choices have victimised our basic individuality and specific preferences suitable to our palate.

We are either becoming like those getting into the passing trains that weren’t meant for us… or worse.. we are missing out on trains that were meant to take us to our chosen destinations.🤓

Charaiveti Charaiveti

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