Leadership Buddy?

Leadership is most often a very lonely zone. A breed usually left alone to grapple with assigned goals, strategies and their successes, team expectations and their fulfilment, creating directions and its implementations, masking own vulnerabilities for obvious fears, managing stakeholders & team-mates and those in a hurry to replace you, perceptions & politics, varied stresses with its repercussions, biases, prejudices… eh.. the list is just endless… As you climb higher and higher, the hallowed stratosphere makes normal carefree existence & breathing so much more difficult… unfortunately, that doesn’t discount the fact that this breed is also as human as any other being.

In such an unenviable situation, who do you look out to shoulder your fogged head? Who do you trust your vulnerabilities with? Who do you discuss your fears with? Where can you allow yourself to break down as a human being yourself? Leadership Gurus say that this is where one must consider having a “Leadership Buddy” and it’s time that such a breed is discovered, identified, and onboarded. While this, in ever-competitive corporate environs, itself could be a possible weak link… for it has often been seen that your best friends also have their own best friends, and each have their own definitions of “what happens in Vegas promise” and the territories of Vegas just keeps ever expanding…. Thus your stated vulnerabilities could end up leading to your own undoing… Ahhh… the horns of dilemma are just getting sharper….

The larger concern continues to perplex as to whether this species called as a leader continues to brood alone, bottle up everything within and eventually implode… disastrously?

Wonder if there are any apt solutions worth brainstorming….

2 Comments on “Leadership Buddy?

  1. Sir,
    This will be one man army in near future as complexity far more exceeds as we head into sophisticated cosmos with disruptive challenges hinting at local/national challenges surrounded by multiple views.

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