Inter-Viewing : Art, Science, Process or Play?


Of late Parag Agarwal’s CV is doing the rounds with the prognosis, that had it found it’s way to some traditional interviewer’s desk, it was a sure shot reject owing to some judgemental mindsets that have taken deep rooted space in interviewing philosophies

What really makes it so hard for some masters from my fraternity as well as interviewers in general that they fail to live up to such an important task in hand?

Why is the activity whose output is so critical to their own organisation as well as somebody’s life, taken so lightly at the input analytical stage. A large population of those sitting in the exalted positions of interviewing usually don’t even do their basic homework of detailing into the resume (many a times even the basic dekko they have there and pre-judge, itself seems to be a wrong practice) and preparing intelligent relevant questionnaire that can elicit meaningful responses, relevant to the role in hand.. so that neither their time is wasted in inanities nor is the candidate left in meaningless lurch with a sorry experience or worse with unspeakable opinions about my beloved ilk.

Do Interviewers really really devote the time & efforts to prepare themselves in providing an experience that is representative of their Organisational Philosophies, as a first exposure to prospective candidates or they just take it with the casual approach that it seems to now have become synonymous with… largely…

Sharing some profoundly enriching queries that I myself have had the ignominious luck of witnessing over the years… that might resonate with many here 😛

“So take me through your resume pls” (Did you do your homework and perhaps if you did, maybe you could have then had some pointed-specific-pertinent queries for me?)

“What are your main responsibilities in your role” (Gawwwdd.. did you even go through the resume? How did you miss out on the bullet points of my deliverables detailed thereof? Wish you had fished out information from there and asked specific queries relating to what I did that I put there v/s how I would perhaps add value to the current expectations… but yes I understand.. you just saw the cv now and didn’t bother going through the grind of analysing it earlier)

“Tell me some key things that you have done in your current role that you are proud of” (shall I recite from my tailor made compendium of fantasy responses, which you in any case cannot ever ratify.. or shall I take you through the maze of jargons and englees that will instantly make you too proud of my achievements that may not necessarily have much relevance in the ambit of your current requirements)

“Tell me some of the key critical methodologies that you have implemented” (In that nirvanic moment.. I can just about relate to how Jesus must have felt when he beseeched God-the omnipotent and ever merciful, to forgive the sinners who crucified him without knowing who he was)

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