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In a world wrought with experiences of myriad nature, it is my endeavor to share such thoughts from my experiences, that may resonate with your own…. perhaps… bring incremental intellectual value, perhaps… just resonate with your own experiences… and perhaps… influence such a chain of thoughts that can instigate our mutual learnings to claw out new horizons of unexplored contexts….

Latest from the Blog

Lap of Time

This small speech of Carl Sagan, a great scientist of our times is so cruelly true. In the lap of time, across the immeasurable unit of it, the most powerful and the most insignificant … all have vanished equally. Then what prompts us to feed our sense of importance … so megalomaniac-ally deluding ourselves of…

Where is your puck going to be?

Wayne Gretzky, most successful ice hockey player ever & coach…known as one of the greatest athletes to have graced this earth, famously said; “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Awestruck experts used to say he played with eyes in the back of his head. Wayne Gretzky…

The Monkey King

Once upon a time, there was a lovely happy jungle located in the deepest forests of Gir… These were times when the civilisation hadn’t mushroomed wildly. The jungle had all inhabitants who lived in harmony and followed the rules and regulations of the nature. All were happy and life went on.

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