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Choice Is A Choice…We Are Our Choices

I was meeting a very close friend after long long time. Almost a lil over a decade. Our priorities and pursuits had kept us busy. While we did keep a track of our lives and spoke occasionally, we hadn’t met for long.  Seated at… Continue Reading “Choice Is A Choice…We Are Our Choices”

delusional successes v/s passionate purposes?

As many of us keep ducking routine stress and anxieties and pressures of aggressive asks of life as well as our mindowners whom we have tenanted our intellects to, we simultaneously also seem to grapple with various identity crises, imposter syndromes and existential queries… Continue Reading “delusional successes v/s passionate purposes?”

Shortsighted Leadership – Part 1

An old Turkish proverb says, When a clown moves into a palace, he doesn’t become the king; instead the palace becomes a circus!