delusional successes v/s passionate purposes?

As many of us keep ducking routine stress and anxieties and pressures of aggressive asks of life as well as our mindowners whom we have tenanted our intellects to, we simultaneously also seem to grapple with various identity crises, imposter syndromes and existential queries that come as derivatives of the numerator we chase.

It’s here that the famed Peter Principle came my way again…a principle that seems to have been developed almost half a century ago as a satirical theory that people are generally promoted to their level of incompetence. It seemingly, as my experiential empirical evidence suggests, continues to remain relevant in the sense that a particular skillexceller is promoted based on their success of particular skills until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one role do not necessarily translate to another. Especially in such a dynamic changeverse that we seem to live in, skillsets of the morning seem to become redundant by the evening. On a lighter note that offers a continuing challenge for us talent transformance professionals to address, thereby offering us our own role continuance 😊

Lawrence Peter in this almost 50 year old video relevantly questions oft ignored questions as to what really does an individual chase in their climb upwards of the success ladder.

  1. Should we go throughout life being conditioned to keep on chasing that next reward which was never a reward that we chased in the first place
  2. How long does one keep on running the race of life like a squirrel in a cage
  3. Till when does one keep defining & redefining lines of purposeless successes that eventually metamorphose into a circle?
  4. Or should we revisit our original passions, purposes & quests that had our adrenalin pumping wildly once upon a time… the one that generated fissions of happiness… one that we long ago carpeted under borrowed visions, values and goals?

Charaiveti Charaiveti….

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