Own Your Destiny

Dear Listeners


In continuation of my last post, I did manage to gather some thoughts on the topic.

Is destiny stronger than the human karma?

Is our will power weaker than the pre-designed fate?

Are our aspirations meaningless in front of heavenly plans?

Do we have any aspect of our life in our control at all?

Our ancestors never tired of sharing the hereditary wisdom that even a leaf doesn’t sway in the wind without the desire of the cosmic powers. If we take that seriously, then does it mean that every action of every living being is robotic in nature and is being controlled by some allocated staff in the heavenly offices? 

Highly doubtful. Simple common sense dictates that displacement of any object is due to the result of external force. A stationary object cannot move by itself. It needs force to move it ( I am not a science guy.. just applying newtons law in simplistic terms 😊). I tried to extrapolate this into lifesituations. If I have a fear of failure, then to displace it out of my psyche, I will have to apply such force of logic that is greater than the strength of the fear itself. What needs deliberate consideration here is that there are other forces inimical to the force you apply to move your fear. Forces like friction, gravity & resistance. Friction caused due to the volatility of your introspective deliberations. Gravity of your inertia – your love for the status quo and the appeal of your comfort zone. Resistance imposed by your dogmas, conditioning and long held beliefs & inherent value system. If you unshackle yourself from these three, the possibility of your rational mind winning over the force of fear is more possible.

Too much English … eh! 😃

Let me discuss it in simple terms. 

What I am trying to say is that nothing … absolutely NOTHING in this universe happens by itself. The actions and reactions that happen in this universe are harmonious with its laws.. known and unknown. Whatever happens is always a byproduct of some action or some choices that you make. The moment a choice is exercised, it’s destiny is decided… the outcome is preordained now. If you jump out of window.. you will not fly off… the action of jumping is followed by the action of falling simply because the laws of gravity will apply. Thus actions and its resultant outputs are usually a factor of the relevant laws governing the discipline of that action. 

We are a product of our choices. Our fate is the name we attach to the results of our conscious & sub-conscious choices. Whoever…. Whosoever …. who has ever achieved any extraordinary success… scripted immortal historic achievements in the sands of time… become a beacon of hope and a lighthouse of millions of direction seekers across centuries… just think and analyse… did so as an outcome of their obsessive, relentless pursuit of their goal … achievement of which they are held in high esteem for.

Whoever is your ideal hero .. whom you hold as an ideal of success.. has been a product of their determined tenacious pursuit of their passion. They rose above the limitations of circumstances… the restrictions imposed by the wisdom of the crowds… the bruises & hammerings of failures and hopelessness… the cold scary trepidations of the unprecedented… they conquered all and more to script the destiny of their choice. Fortune has always been known to favour the brave.. the prepared and the extraordinarily persistently competent. Very minuscule percentage of the global population has ever belonged to this elite club. For very little population of the world has ever taken the risk of believing in themselves faultlessly… in dreaming wild dreams of the impossible and acquiring the competence and tenacity to be prepared to pay the price to make their dreams come true. The bergy bits of success that the masses call destined success is the tip of the iceberg that is bulked up with invisible grit.. determination.. choices.. unforgiving pursuit of passion… we see the result… we need to see the exercise of choices of those whom we hold in high esteem.

Thus, karma is powerful. Willpower is known to rescript any preordained fate.. if such a thing does exist. Our tenacious aspirations are more powerful than any heavenly plan and yes, we can control most of the outcomes in our lives by exercising right choices… pursuing right corresponding actions and maximising utility of every moment available to us by living it to its maximum value.

Though there also are cases where the best of actions and choices have not yielded desired results.. .. then perhaps it’s time to delve deeper into analysing the course of the actions and revisiting the manner in which we are exercising our choices.. perhaps something is amiss… perhaps some different strategy needs to be deployed.. perhaps we are not playing the game in accordance with its set cosmic rules … perhaps what we are assuming as our best… really isn’t .. introspect..

For as I asked in my previous blog… who decides which stone becomes a divine idol and which one becomes a gravel on the road. Which paper becomes a mythological epic that is revered and which one becomes piece of scrap… well the answer is quite clear… the sculptor to a large extent decides the fate of a stone and the passionate author chooses to either draft an epic or just jot down gibberish on a piece of paper… for inanimate objects don’t decide their fates… their fate is decided by the hand that owns them…

Who owns you?

2 Comments on “Own Your Destiny

  1. An amazing piece of writing. You’ve made a definitive case for the power of the human will. Your post came up on my LinkedIn feed and I’m glad I read it (the first thing in the morning.)

    Liked by 1 person

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